Dr. Katia Belousov, D.O.

Hey There!

I’m Dr. Katia Belousov D.O., a board certified pediatrician and fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Partnering with parents in the care of their children is my passion.

For years I’ve struggled with the restrictions that 10 minute appointment slots impose on properly educating parents on topics that matter to them the most.

Many parents have to look to online resources for guidance on how to care for their children.

As a pediatrician, it’s important to me that parents get accurate and up-to-date information. That’s why I decided to create educational blog posts on this website and educational videos on my Youtube channel.

I’m on a mission to equip parents with knowledge, so they can care for their children with confidence!

“From day 1, Dr. Belousov was by our side. With her expertise, warmth, and kindness, I’ve grown more confident in the care of my baby. Her sound advice and constant reassurance have never been out of reach. She has been absolutely the best pediatrician we have ever seen. It’s wonderful that she’s being a great resource for many.”

– Enide

“The Baby Development Blog Posts were just the resource I needed to have peace of mind that my son’s development was on track. The fact that the content is based off recommendations of a reputable medical organization, and all the years of experience that Dr. Belousov has as a pediatrician, makes all the difference.”

– Alla

“Dr. Belousov has been my children’s pediatrician since they were newborns. Her clear guidance on how to introduce solids has been extremely helpful. I had many questions and was nervous about doing baby-led weaning. Following Dr. Belousov’s advice made me more confident in doing this approach with my daughter. And I’m so glad we did!”

– Alena